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Blush Skin Fit’s review board is made up of an expert team of registered nutritionists and dietitians, wellness and beauty experts who make sure all our posts are factually and medically accurate, relevant, current, reader-centric, and evidence-based. These experienced experts verify our content and add a few unique perspectives according to their diverse backgrounds and experience in applied clinical practices and research.

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Our team of editors manages all aspects of content featured on our site. Our certified and experienced writers and editors are specialists in different coverage areas, and they have the skills to break down complex information into an easy-to-understand and clear format.


Sarah Garner – Chief Editor and Writer

Sarah Garner is an independent beauty, health and nutrition reporter based in Clovis, California. While she has reported on many topics, anti-aging has been one of the those that she has always found to be perplexing.

The reason for that is because there are so many pharmaceutical companies that spread information through social media that is simply not true.

Sarah started Blush Skin Fit in 2020 with a team of amazing women with the goal of writing about beauty, skin care, anti-aging and sharing their collective experience of having worked in the health and beauty industry.

Catherine Shaffer

Catherine Shaffer – Co-Editor and Writer

Cat a skin care therapist with 12+ years of experience in the industry. She is an acne specialist and also have a lot of experience with holistic skin care.

She also written for some of the top beauty and skin care blogs and magazines.

Catherine believe aging beautifully is possible and your diet plays a major role in your skin health. Loves testing new organic skin care products to see how they work.

Sherry Lage

Sherry Lage – Writer

Sherry is a graduate of Ogle School of Cosmetology and Esthetics. Has have over 10000 hours of training and field experience. Sherry has worked as an esthetician in many cities across the USA and now live in Denton, TX and work she works as an esthetician instructor for new hires for many beauty spas.

In her free time Sherry likes to write about her beauty and cosmetology related experience and how anyone can look beautiful on a budget.

Deloris Patton

Deloris Patton – Website manager

Deloris is a part time teacher and web developer in Burton Heights, Michigan. She spends her days teaching kids in the classroom and building websites for local businesses after hours.

Deloris loves spending time with her family and friends, and she always makes time for a good cup of coffee.

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