Best Product to Reduce Wrinkles Around the Mouth

Wrinkles around the mouth, especially for women can make them feel very self-conscious and it is definitely a sign of aging. To the unstoppable aging process and lifestyle factors wrinkles around the mouth are evitable, however, that does not mean they are not treatable. So what is the best product to reduce wrinkles around the mouth?

Find out what our favorite is later, but first let’s discuss what causes this problem and the different types of mouth wrinkles.

The Causes of Wrinkles Around the Mouth

This problem a lot of women face is due to a variety of factors such as gender, sun exposure, genetics, age, beauty regime and smoking.

One of the main and unavoidable factors is aging that causes wrinkles around the mouth. As we age wrinkles and fine lines becomes more noticeable in areas such as below the eyes, around the mouth and on the forehead. Women’s skin structure around the mouth makes women more prone to develop wrinkles in that area.

Smoking and too much exposure to the sun also increases the chance of wrinkles and fine lines. Because of the muscle movement from smoking this can drastically increase the chance to develop wrinkles and fine lines in the mouth area more so that a non-smoker.

Different Types of Mouth Wrinkles

Lines around the mouth have three different types, Marionette Lines, Vertical Lip Lines and Smile Lines. Marionette Lines are noticeable in the corners of the mouth making you look sad or unhappy as they turn downward. This is typically caused by the breakdown of collagen which causes sagging and folding around the mouth.

Vertical Lip Lines are referred to as smoker lines. They are the most common and caused by consistent lip movement.

Smile Lines appear at the bottom corners of the nose to the corners of the mouth. This happens when ligaments become loose resulting in slight sag to the skin.

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How to Prevent Mouth Wrinkles

To prevent mouth wrinkles you would need to completely relax your facial muscles. Expressing happiness is common and it is the main reason for wrinkles on the forehead and around the mouth. Begin to train yourself to control your facial expressions.

A good prevention for wrinkles in general is use moisturizers, skin serums that encourage the production of collagen and sunscreen.

You really can’t get rid of wrinkles around the mouth once they appear, but you can start to treat them before they get any worse. Below are some ways to treat wrinkles and fine lines around the mouth.

Topical Products: Any skincare products formulated to boost elastin and collagen naturally can help with wrinkles around the mouth area.

Retinol: Your body does its repair work when you go to bed, so use products that contain retinol anti aging cream. This is the key element to fight wrinkles and fine lines.

Facial Exercises: Stronger muscle tone and more collagen of facial skin can ward off mouth wrinkling. Lose of collagen can be made up with facial exercises to build up these muscles. It can be a very effective way to prevent wrinkles in the future.

Chemical Peeling and Dermabrasion: Both methods require upper layer of skin to be remove in order for new growth to occur. To get the results you are looking for clinical grade peels must be used. This will not give you long term results.

Face Lift: This procedure will definitely give you the results you are looking for and you will look years younger. However, this is a high risk procedure that will leave scars. Typically they do not look completely natural. You may want to consider nonsurgical facelifts that use laser technology instead.

Lasers: Some lasers can be effective and safe to get rid of wrinkles around the mouth. Look for ones designed to naturally boost collagen. Stay away from ablative type procedures they cause the skin to become very thin.

Diet: Promote hyaluronic acid through a diet of sticky veggies such as orka, sweet potatoes and taro root can stimulate the production of hyaluronic acid which keeps skin plumper and firmer naturally.

Vampire Facial: The science related to this procedure is sadly poor. This is just a temporary inflammation to the skin that doesn’t last long.

As mentioned earlier, we have a favorite product we feel is the best product to reduce wrinkles around the mouth called Kollagen Intensiv.

What is Kollagen Intensiv?

It is an anti-aging skin care formula to fight signs of aging to give you youth, smoother skin. It will drastically improve deep lines and wrinkles by approximately 354% when compared to placebo.

All skin types can use this amazing product. It can help fight against the damage from UV rays and other environmental factors for healthier skin.

Ingredients of Kollagen Intensiv are Effective and Safe

Antioxidants – Fight free radicals reversing the aging signs

Shea Butter – Smoothes, softens, moisturizes and hydrates the skin

SYN-COLL – Reverses damage from UV rays and free radicals while increasing collagen production

Vitamins – Rejuvenate the skin

Hyaluronic Acid – Binds with water to manage wrinkles for smoother, younger skin

Glycerin – Keeps skin stronger and more resistant

Cyclopentasiloxane – Used to get rid of fine lines for smoother skin

The appearance of your skin will improve by fighting the signs of aging, moisturizing and hydrating. Kollagen Intensiv works to fill deep lines for an improved appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Your skin will be protected from harmful environmental factors and UV rays. Your skin tone and overall complexion will be improved.

Along with the methods mentioned above there are many different non-evasive techniques that can be used as well. Before trying any method or product it is best to consult with your doctor to find the best solution for you. The biggest reason you may look older than what you are chronologically are wrinkles around the mouth. They are also easily produced.