Best Under Eye Primers for Wrinkles

People who use eye make-up can relate to having it dispersed into aging spots. This creates a flaw in the look one is trying to achieve, which screams frustration. But, with an under-eye primer, the make-up stays in place. Plus, in general, an under-eye primer helps blur wrinkles and keep the under-eye areas healthy.

If you don’t want to compromise your eye make-up, here are the 5 best under eye primers for wrinkles:

  1. Elizabeth Mott Thank Me Later Eye Shadow Base
  2. Olay Regenerist Anti-Aging Wrinkle Revolution Complex Moisturizer Plus Primer
  3. Sheer Cover Base Perfector Primer
  4. Bella Terra Eye Primer
  5. Pure Ziva Moisturizing Velvet Veil Foundation Primer

What are Under Eye Primers

Like a primer for your face, a primer for your under eyes serves as the base for your concealer and makes it go on smoother and last longer. They’re often formulated to be hydrating to provide your under-eye area with a little extra moisture. This keeps your concealer and the rest of your under-eye make-up from settling into wrinkles.

Why You Should Use Under Eye Primers

Under Eye Primers ticks the same boxes that may face primers do- it creates the perfect make-up base, it conceals aging spots and helps your make-up remain in place.

A perfect make-up base

If you apply eyeshadow on under-eye areas without a primer, it will dissipate in places and stick into your wrinkles and fine lines. That’s why it’s essential to put a primer before applying make-up because it’s the perfect base.

Aging-spots concealer

The skin in your under-eye tends to form wrinkles too quickly. If you are sleep deprived, always exposed to sunlight, stressed, or following a bad eating habit, you’ll soon realize that you’re under eyes have captured aging spots. But because the best under eye primers hold anti-aging possessions, you can minimize the wrinkles under your eyes.

Make-up preserver

The problem with applying under-eye concealer without a primer is that it will fade after a few hours. This means that you will be left with sleep-deprived and wrinkled eyes. Under-eye primers are intended to help make-up stay longer and keep you looking flawless throughout the day and night.

Best Under Eye Primers for Wrinkles 2022

Lets look at why we selected these top 5 under eye primers as our top choice for 2022:

1. Elizabeth Mott Thank Me Later Eye Shadow Base

It’s always frustrating when your make-up keeps on settling into fine lines and wrinkles. Luckily, the Elizabeth Mott Thank Me Later Eye Shadow Base helps if you don’t want to smooth out under-eye make-up with your fingers. This primer is, according to the founder, inspired by Korean beauty. She was inspired to make cosmetic products sourced from innovative Korean factories. The inspiration stemmed from finding out that people who are glued to Korean beauty products don’t have enough knowledge with the brands or where to buy the products.

Women are obsessed with this lightweight under eye primer. To control excess oil on your eyelids, it is created with a unique waterproof powder. This guarantees that your under-eye concealer won’t be worn off soon but stays put all day long instead. The primer is also equipped with a non-oily formula that quickly dries to even out your skin tone and make your eyes more vibrant.

Some under-eye primers make the eyelids oily and cause mascara transfer issues, but the Elizabeth Mott Thank Me Later Eye Shadow Base is an exception. If you give it a chance, you may find that it will never let you down. Plus, you may actually be paying for the price of two. It’s a two-in-one product; therefore, you can use it as an eyebrow primer, too. Additionally, the packaging is simple yet functional. The primer comes in a pink squeeze tube and dispenses through a narrow applicator. This prevents waste and contamination, ensuring that you’re only getting the best and safest personal care product.

2. Olay Regenerist Anti-Aging Wrinkle Revolution Complex Moisturizer Plus Primer

Whether you need to apply make-up for a party or just want to be more noticeably attractive, the key to flawless make-up is a proper primer. It’s very common with aging and sleep deprivation to have wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes. Fortunately, Olay offers a product that helps you achieve that picture-perfect look. And since you cannot escape aging, you need this product for reducing wrinkles.

This wrinkle-fighting primer is like magic in a bottle. It works by instantly reducing your wrinkles’ visual appearance while enhancing the appearance of deep eye lines. Essentially, this product creates the illusion of youthful skin, thanks to its light-reflecting particles. You can apply it easily under your eyes, and prevent wrinkles from forming. It never leaves a sticky residue on your skin, so it’s well suited with make-up or concealer.

When you’re sleep-deprived, it’s not always practical to hide your tired-looking eyes with sunglasses. This eye primer is developed to correct the darkness in your under-eye area so that you can run errands confidently with brighter and more awake eyes. It also illuminates your eye area so that you can wear it on late-night events.

If you find your under-eye concealer settling into your wrinkles- or if you’re headed to a few dinner parties, you’ll probably want to start priming your under eyes with something that will keep your make-up intact through all of your dinner plans.

3. Sheer Cover Base Perfector Primer

More than the rest of your face, the skin in your under eyes shows wrinkles- the apparent signs of aging. As your body’s collagen-production starts to decline naturally, you should be priming your under eyes. During your thirties and forties, it is vitally essential to use the Sheer Cover Base Perfector Primer because it provides anti-aging effects and advanced micro peelers. The primer’s anti-aging effects will penetrate deeply into your skin’s surface and create younger-looking eyes. The skin under your eyes will soften, and your wrinkles will start to dissipate.

If you want to give your skin the perfect glow, this is something you must absolutely add in your make-up routine. Because this primer is oil-absorbing, your face stays fresh as the day goes on. The oil-free formula also manages to refine your skin and minimize the look of wrinkles for convenient make-up application.

Depending on your desired effect, you will find this primer to work wonders.

4. Bellaterra Cosmetics Eye Shadow Primer

Bella Terra Eye Primer deserves a place in your make-up bag. It is free from harmful components and abrasive preservatives, thereby raising your skin health. Bella Terra Cosmetics combined some natural and genuine minerals in the primer’s formula so that you can apply it every day without damaging your skin. If that’s not enough to convince you, note that the safest products are those packed with good-for-the-skin ingredients.

This primer creates a barrier between your foundation and skin, helping your base stay fresh and vibrant all day long. It also fills in your pores and smoothes your under-eye wrinkles evenly for a more flawless look. That’s why it’s highly recommended for anyone wanting to blur their wrinkles. Bella Terra Eye Primer includes castor oil, which helps boost and grow healthy skin tissues. Besides, this primer has unique properties that defy microbes and inflammation.

The brand’s sole purpose is to provide a flawless finish so that you’re confident enough to go on with your day. Bella Terra Eye Primer will lock in your make up for the entire day. Not only that, but the under eye primer can double as a primer for your eye shadow. It’s great for amplifying your eyeshadow’s color and enhancing pigmentation. With only a small amount of the primer, you can wear your natural color. Also, you won’t tire your eyes with heavy make-up as the clear liquid barely feels like anything on your skin.

This product definitely lives up to its promise- it’s both skincare for mature skin and make-up. Whether you want to keep your concealer in place as long as you wish or conceal all your under-eye wrinkles, this product can get the job done

5. Pure Ziva Moisturizing Velvet Veil Foundation Primer Serum Gel

For a fresh finish with an all-over glow, look no further than the Pure Ziva Moisturizing Velvet Veil Foundation Primer. It is a perfect option if you’re seeking to rub out the dryness of your under eyes and create a smooth surface. It moisturizes your skin, keeps a natural outlook, and maintains skin-firmness. Moreover, it’s instilled with age-defying ingredients, so it’s also a skincare product. It efficiently covers up your under-eye wrinkles for younger-looking skin.

This under eye primer should be on your radar. It will seriously make all the difference in prepping your skin before putting on some foundation. On the contrary, it’s still the best option if you feel like going barefaced. In fact, you can look at it as an excellent no make-up alternative. Suppose you don’t want to wear a full face of make-up on some days. In that case, the Pure Ziva Moisturizing Velvet Veil Foundation Primer will boost the areas of your under eyes, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and provide sufficient hydration.

As for application, it’s extra easy to apply this under eye primer. Just put a pea-sized amount on your ring finger and pat it into the areas of your under eye. After that, you can apply your eye make-up and let the Pure Ziva Moisturizing Velvet Veil Foundation Primer work its magic.

Wrapping Up

With so many under-eye primers for wrinkles in the market, it can be overwhelming to find the best ones that live up to the hype. But, this article will simplify that for you and help you make an informed decision. All are excellent products so you may have to go with your personal preference. More than anything, these under eye primers don’t break the bank so you can purchase them without hesitation.