Can We Apply Rose Water Directly on Face? 10 Rose Water Benefits for Skin

Bad skin can seriously ruin self-esteem. For some of us with dry, acne-prone, red, irritated skin, it’s tempting to hide in layers of clothing if not hide from our circle of friends. But while, obviously, the goal is to save ourselves from the embarrassing state, sometimes, even when we’re totally on with the hiding situation, the embarrassment still seems to find us. The good news is, rose petals soaked in water can treat and lose the bad skin for good.

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Rosewater provides benefits to the skin by:

  1. Curing irritation

Itching and irritation of the skin can be stressful and frustrating. There are reasons why you might be itching, including bad lifestyle habits and reaction from laundry and bath soap.

It’s not always that you succeed at enduring the itch. More often, you get so uncomfortable that you end up scratching until your skin looks scaly and sore. While skin irritation may be harmless in mild conditions, it can bring interruptions in your daily routine. It’s no secret that skin problems as mild as skin irritation distracts you from completing tasks and prevents you from sleeping.

You can find relief with rose water because it has excellent anti-inflammatory properties. This helps soothe your skin and heal the irritated area effectively.

  1. Helping to ease redness

If you have sensitive skin, it’s not surprising to have hues and reddish rashes. These appear when there’s blood flowing on the skin’s surface or when there are factors that stimulate the onset of skin reactions. For example, consumption of alcohol and changes in temperature may irritate the surface of the skin, causing and rashes. While these will go away in a few hours, you can speed up the process by applying some rose water on the reddish areas of your skin. Rosewater is inflammatory, so it can be used to ease redness and swelling.

  1. Healing wounds

Rosewater’s antiseptic and antibacterial properties make it handy when you’re trying to heal minor cuts and wounds faster. Such properties can also accelerate the healing process of blood-filled pimples caused by picking or popping. Pimples can be painful when they start to ooze and bleed, so it helps to have rose water at your disposal.

  1. Preventing and getting rid of infections

Rose water’s benefits extend to preventing and getting rid of infections. Its strong antiseptic properties are the reason why it’s a key ingredient to a variety of products for treatments. According to one study, rose water in eye drops for conjunctivitis treatment has shown antiseptic and analgesic properties, helping treat ocular diseases.

  1. Minimizing under-eye puffiness

Puffy under eyes can result from lack of sleep, eye fatigue, and stress. The puffiness or swelling is an indication that you have accumulated fluids under your eye area. Additionally, the puffiness comes with prominently visible discoloration that makes you look sleep-deprived for weeks. The best way to reduce puffiness is to give it a spray of rose water.

You can also soak cotton balls in rose water and apply it on your eyelids. You can leave it on your skin for as long as the soothing feeling around your eyes lasts. This will help minimize the puffiness and make your eyes look to perk up and rejuvenated in an instant.

  1. Providing hydration

Have you ever evaluated what’s standing between you and perfectly hydrated skin? Well, it could be the absence of toner in your skincare routine. Toning, though usually ignored, is crucial for adding a burst of moisture to the skin and removing the impurities that the cleanser has missed. In other words, it gives the skin a thorough cleansing while restoring the skin’s pH balance.

Rosewater provides hydration to the skin when used as an all-natural toner. Apply it to your face and leave rose water on face overnight. This will leave your skin revitalized, and the lingering rose aroma will put you in a good mood.

  1. Treating acne

Whether you have mild, moderate, or severe acne, the condition can significantly impact your self-esteem and body image. More often than not, breakouts make you feel extremely unattractive that it’s easy to withdraw from your peers and social circles or hide in layers of makeup, without taking into consideration the possible drawbacks of using these cosmetics.

They say you should feel comfortable in your skin, but this is difficult when you’re aware that you would be pretty if you didn’t have acne-prone skin. The good news is, you don’t need to make peace with your acne as there are natural remedies such as rose water. Treating your acne with rose water is not a matter of vanity, but it is a matter of regaining your self-esteem.

Rosewater is an effective remedy for acne because of its antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Acne breakouts can result from excess sebum production, which clogs the hair follicles and provides a favorable breeding ground for the acne-causing bacteria called P. acnes. By removing oil and providing antibacterial respite, rose water can help treat acne and prevent future breakouts.

  1. Removing acne scars

After all the pimples have gone away, it’s normal to want to leave the painful past behind. This is not always possible, especially when all your face want is to remember. Acne scarring can be equally frustrating and painful. However, you don’t have to put up with these scars for the rest of your life, as home remedies like using rose water can help get rid of them.

As mentioned above, rose water benefits for oily skin is thanks to its antiseptic and antifungal properties. On the same grounds, it is beneficial for removing acne scars. Rosewater also has antioxidant properties that boost optimal cell regeneration and accelerate the removal of ugly acne scars.

  1. Moisturizing the skin

Dry skin is unsightly, and it usually arises when the skin doesn’t retain enough moisture. The condition is prevalent during winter since humidity is low for both indoors and outdoors, and the water content of the skin’s outermost layer tends to mirror the humidity around it. Fortunately, rose water can relieve your winter dry skin by using it as a moisturizer. For best results, you can put it in a spray bottle and use it whenever you feel the need to do so.

  1. Healing sunburn

Sunburn may be riskier than you think, as skin experts say that your risk of skin cancer increases every time you’re overexposed to the harmful UV rays. If you spent the weekend at the beach and ended up getting sunburnt, you can’t reverse the damage done. But, you can accelerate the healing process if you get your hands on rose water for sunburn. The said treatment can even turn your sunburn into a lovely tan.