Editorial Guidelines

Our Standards and Editorial Policies

We want to ensure all of our readers that they receive the inclusivity, accuracy, objectivity, transparency, relevance, and quality that is provided on Blush Skin Fit

Our Editorial Principles

Our Readers Come First: We write and publish information for the reader. Our content pertains to exactly what the reader wants, be it health, beauty or wellness. Understanding us is extremely simple, and complex jargon isn’t something you will be forced to decipher. 

With Accuracy & Reliability: Keeping our content current is highly important to us. We base our information on research that goes above and beyond. It’s fact-checked and reviewed by trusted and esteemed experts. Our expert panel goes above and beyond to ensure that we produce high-quality content. Some of our experts include but are not limited to registered dietitians, board-certified doctors, licensed estheticians, and dermatologists. Those life hacks are coming from content that is based on real-life examples. 

Inclusivity & Sensitivity: We write primarily for those located in the United States and Canada. With that, we couldn’t possibly have a higher regard for age, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation differences. We try to remain all-inclusive when it comes to physical and mental disabilities as well. Our articles use the most empathetic language possible to create a compassionate dialogue with language that has you in mind. 

Creating Our Content 

When creating content pertaining to beauty, health, and wellness, we believe in letting the reader know how we put our content together. So, you should go about learning how we put our content together. 

Editorial Integrity

Those looking at the content on Blush Skin Fit shouldn’t find it as a replacement for professional medical advice. Those who need treatment for a disease or disorder should seek it out through a highly qualified healthcare provider. A clear distinction is made when it comes to our content that’s advertising a product and our content that’s meant to bring about insight. Blush Skin Fit never present advertisements as content.  

We do not believe in giving preferential treatment to any outside commercial source like a brand or other content creators like publications or videos. We always provide the appropriate disclosures when we use content that’s external to us. It’s all made with FTC guidelines in mind and presented as such. Any articles used that have some association with a brand are clearly marked as ‘Sponsored’. They may or may not reflect our opinions as an editorial team. 

Product Recommendations & Listings

The internet offers quite a few options to choose from when researching the best beauty and wellness products and advice out there. Blush Skin Fit makes streamlining the research behind these products more accessible. Finding the best beauty and wellness products out there is easier when you understand the research behind them.

We do the exhausting research the reader does not want to do so we can put together a proper listing of products. While we might earn a few dollars on the products purchased through our site, we promise that our product recommendations are nonbiased. Look at our product research and selection methods. 


Please give us much-welcomed feedback. Anyone with a suggestion or comment should contact our editor at sarah@blushskinfit.com.