Homemade Aloe Vera Moisturizer for Dry Skin

Whether you spend way too much time in an aeroplane, deal with colder weather, or take long, hot showers frequently, it’s very likely that you have experienced dry skin. And sure, whipping out that ultra-hydrating moisturizer out of your cabinet seems like a quick fix. However, some ingredients in your moisturizer may contribute to your dry skin. The good news is that the humble aloe vera can be a healthy alternative to your store-bought moisturizer.

What Is Aloe Vera

Also called the wonder plant, aloe vera is a succulent that stores a gel-like substance in its leaves. It’s a popular medicinal plant because it can treat skin injuries and has several other impressive health benefits.

Is it Good For Dry Skin?

Aloe vera is suitable for dry skin because it is incredibly moisturizing. As you may know, the skin needs to be moisturized when it lacks oil. It’s a good thing that aloe vera has a high content of mucopolysaccharides, a long chain of sugar molecules with hydrating properties.

What Is The Best Way to Use Aloe Vera On Skin

Experts recommend using a treatment directly from an aloe vera plant to gain most of its benefits. While aloe vera is listed as an ingredient in various moisturizers, these formulated products may only have a tiny bit of the ingredient in them. So, to get most of aloe vera’s benefits, make your own aloe vera moisturizer at home.

Here are good home recipes for homemade aloe vera moisturizer:

Recipe 1 


1 cup natural aloe vera gel

powdered vitamin C or vitamin E


Put 1 cup natural aloe vera gel in a blender. Make sure that it doesn’t include any pieces of the plant’s skin. Continue blending until the gel becomes foamy and liquefied. At this point, your gel is ready to be used as a moisturizer. 

If you prefer to make a moisturizer that lasts for more than a week, you should add powdered vitamin C or vitamin E to the blender and remix the gel until these preservatives are fully integrated.


Vitamins C and E are excellent preservatives because they have been proven to extend the shelf life of an aloe vera gel.

Recipe 2 


1 cup natural aloe vera gel

5-8 drops of essential oil 

1.5 tablespoons beeswax pastilles 

Two tablespoons of jojoba oil

1/2 cup coconut oil


Use a modified double boiler to heat jojoba oil, beeswax, and coconut oil. Stir every now and then to ensure these ingredients combine. Transfer the resulting mixture into a glass blender and let it cool for about an hour or so. Once it has completely cooled, loosen it by scraping down the sides of the blender with a spatula. Start blending and slowly add the aloe vera gel to the mixture. Continue to scrape down the sides of the blender if the contents get stuck in the blender. Lastly, blend 5-8 drops of essential oil into the lotion.


If this is your first time using aloe vera, do a patch test. Begin by applying a small amount of the gel to your arm and observe if there are allergic reactions within the next 24 hours. If you don’t see anything amiss, you can start making your homemade aloe vera moisturizer. 

You must include coconut oil in the mixture because it also makes for an excellent face and body moisturizer. Because of its emollient and antibacterial effects, it does so better than other oils when it comes to significantly improve dryness. 

You must also include jojoba oil because its occlusive effects make for an effective moisturizer. As an occlusive agent, jojoba oil smooths the surface of the skin and prevents water loss. 

For longer storage life, keep most of the homemade aloe vera moisturizer in the refrigerator and only store a small amount of it in your bathroom. Your homemade aloe vera moisturizer can last for 2-3 months, provided that you add powdered vitamin C or vitamin E preservatives.

If dryness persists or worsens, consult your dermatologist right away. The persistent dry skin may be a sign of an underlying skin condition, and your dermatologist can work with you on a treatment plan. If you’re already diagnosed with a skin problem prior to using aloe vera moisturizer, talk to your dermatologist to see if it is safe to use in your case.

Keep Up The Good Work

As with any skincare goal, keeping your dry skin moisturized is a matter of adhering to routine maintenance. Try your best to moisturize on a consistent basis using an aloe vera moisturizer so that you don’t ruin your progress and revert straight back to dealing with annoying dry, flaky skin.