How Long To See Results Of Dry Skin Brushing?

For centuries, many cultures have been practicing dry brushing. But due to the booming wellness movement, this method of body exfoliation is having a resurgence as of late. Essentially, it utilizes a bristled brush to get rid of dead skin and increase blood flow. Dry brushing is usually done by a professional in a spa or at home. But how long does it take for dry brushing to work?

Benefits Of Dry Brushing

Reduces cellulite

Cellulite is a skin condition involving the skin’s dimpling on the thighs, hips, buttocks, and abdomen. It is caused by the protrusion of the subcutaneous adipose tissue, which plays a significant role in energy storage. Unfortunately, toxins bombard the subcutaneous adipose tissue, thereby protrude the skin over the body’s specific areas.

The good news is, you can break down the toxins that get piled up by dry brushing the skin. In essence, this method of body exfoliation massages the subcutaneous adipose tissue. What then happens to the broken down toxins? Well, they are eliminated through the skin and other filtering organs in the body.

To speed up the process of cellulite reduction, it’s best to maintain regular exercise and healthy eating habits while following a dry brushing routine.

Exfoliates dead skin

If you’re new to skincare, you may be surprised that your skin dies. But the good thing is that it is then replaced by new skin cells. You won’t know that this is happening because the process is so fast.

So, how does dry brushing help in the process? It speeds up the process, hence helping to eliminate dead skin cells and form new ones quickly. New skin cells are usually healthy, giving that natural glow and smoother look and feel.

Boosts the skin’s nutrient absorption

The pores can be blocked by several factors, including sweat, environmental pollution, broken or crooked hairs, and a mixture of dead skin cells. You can try things to clear these blockages, but sometimes, even the regular daily shower cannot get the job done. When this happens, the substances and vital nutrients cannot be effectively absorbed by the skin.

But don’t lose hope yet, as you can effectively clear and open up the pores through frequent dry skin brushing!

Plumps the skin

If you frequently dry, brush your skin, you will benefit from enhanced blood flow. This, in turn, strengthens and smooths your skin. The best part? Dry brushing gradually reduces all the breaks in the skin that accelerate aging.

Enhances circulation and lymphatic drainage

We get toxins from the food we consume, the water we drink, or from the organs of the body. The body’s lymphatic system then washes away these toxins.

And because dry skin brushing enhances blood flow, the result is a more efficient lymphatic system that expels toxins faster.

Improves digestion and kidney functionality

Now that you know dry brushing’s contribution to the lymphatic system let’s discuss how else it helps the system. After cleansing the lymphatic system, toxins and extra water stored in the lymph nodes are thrown out, which call for a new supply of nutrients. These new nutrients are provided through food digestion, which helps with kidney functionality. The faster the cycle repeats, the more it relieves stress on the kidneys.

Rejuvenates the nervous system

The majority of the body’s nerve endings are located near the skin. These nerve endings communicate senses to the brain, allowing us to react to situations accordingly. Ever wonder how to rejuvenate these nerve endings? Dry brush your skin! It makes your body more alert and responsive to stimulation.

Supports even fat distribution

The parts of the human body don’t get an equal amount of fat. In fact, one part may get more fat than the rest, depending on the rate of metabolism.

To prevent depositing fat in the same places every time, brush your skin regularly. The fat will get evenly distributed across the entire body in no time.

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How Much Time It Takes To See Results

You may think that dry brushing takes long to take effect, but you’re mistaken. In fact, you will notice a significant difference in your skin after you finish brushing one area.

Points To Remember

Avoid the treatment if you have sensitive skin. If you have sensitive skin, dry brushing may not be the best option. Dermatologists recommend that those with eczema and psoriasis avoid the treatment altogether because it can make the skin more sensitive. And you probably know this already: psoriasis can koebnerize, which means the skin condition worsens due to injury.

Like your other skincare tools, clean your brush. Make it a habit to clean your brush after each brushing routine. We recommend washing it with soap and water. Then, let it dry to prevent mildew.

Do not share your brush with anyone. Never share your brush with anyone- even family members! Sharing your brush with them increases the risk of infection.

Shower after dry brushing but skip the scrubs. Please make it a habit also to shower after dry brushing your skin. We recommend using a mild body wash and a mild body moisturizer afterwards. Skip the anti-acne washes and body scrubs as these will leave your skin stinging.

Take it easy on your skin. As mentioned, a natural stiff-bristled brush is used for dry brushing. It’s recommended that you use the one with a long handle because this can reach your back and other areas of the body that are hard to reach. You may also opt for stiffer bristles as long as it doesn’t affect your skin’s sensitivity.

To get the most benefit of dry skin brushing, do not use the brush the same way you’re cleaning pots and pans. Your skin is sensitive, so be gentle. With dry brushing, you’re not supposed to end up with redness and scratches.